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Adam Zaini

Sgloanhub is the go-to place if you need to quickly compare moneylenders from Singapore.

Michael Lim

I highly recommend using Sgloanhub!

Brian Tan

Very pleased with their quick response.

Jennifer Ho

Easy to use and I was able to get the rates I needed

David Hicks

I never knew how easy it was to know about the moneylending rates here

Jayden Long

Extremely satisfied with their service

Mary Joseph

The moneylending rates Sgloanhub gave me were very useful to help me choose the best moneylender.

Lim Shu Qi

A very fast and efficient way to compare rates without having to go from one moneylender to another.

Frequently asked questions

Is Sgloanhub a licensed moneylender?

Sgloanhub is not a licensed moneylender.

We are a platform that helps to match your loan request to licensed loan companies. We help you to get the best loan offers from licensed loan companies at your convenience. Here, you can easily compare loan offers quickly and easily.

Are there any charges to your service?

No, Sgloanhub is absolutely free for your use. All costs for this matching service are absorbed by the moneylenders.

Is my personal information protected?

Yes, we do the utmost to ensure that your data is protected.

Offers will be sent to you through our platform where you can compare and choose the best offers available. You can also choose to decline any offers made to you.

Further information will only be provided to our partners upon your acceptance of the offer and the authorization. Both of the involved parties’ identity will then be revealed to each other to allow for further liaising. The loan company will contact you and arrange for an appointment.

If you have further concerns, you can check our privacy policy or contact us for more details.

How Does Sgloanhub Work?

We have a simple 3 step process.

  1. Let Us Know How Much You Need – Fill out a short application form stating how much you need and a few details about yourself
  2. Get Offers in Your Email – Receive up to 5 competitive quotes for loans in your email inbox
  3. Accept an Offer to Get Your Loan – Pick an offer to accept and head down to the loan company’s office to finalize your loan.

How Much Can I Borrow?

If you’re a Singaporean Citizen / Permanent Resident and your annual income is:

Less than $10,000 a year – You can borrow up to $3,000
$10,000 to $20,000 a year – You can borrow up to $3,000
At least $20,000 – You can borrow up to 6 times of your monthly income

If you’re a Foreigner residing in Singapore and your annual income is:

Less than $10,000 a year – You can borrow up to $500
$10,000 to $20,000 a year – You can borrow up to $3,000
At least $20,000 – You can borrow up to 6 times of your monthly income

Although moneylenders usually have a lower qualifying criterion and a shorter approval time in comparison to banks, interest rates are typically charged on a monthly basis on top of a processing fee of up to 10% of your loan amount.

Thus it is important to think ensure that you borrow responsibly and borrow an amount that you will be able to return.

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